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Which Major Body Parts Must Never Be Tattooed?

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Which Major Body Parts Must Never Be Tattooed?

An increasing number of individuals are lately getting inked for rejuvenating their external appearance, expressing suppressed emotions, paying tribute to somebody close, and protesting against age-old notions of society. Besides scheduling appointment with a skilled artist and choosing a visually appealing design from among diverse choices readily available, they must also decide on placement cautiously. I have chalked down names of certain body part, which cause excruciating pain when etched. Please do check them out now.

• Face :
Apart from being cringe worthy, facial tattoos, be it cheek, chin, forehead, nose, or any other corner, are extremely prone to fading. Also people are actually limiting employment options, and can even lose their existing job.

• Abdomen :

Renowned providers offering Victoria ink tattoo have asked specifically women to not get tattoos on abdomen if they plan on conceiving soon. Skin would stretch even when continuously moisturised, and they would be left with a warped design.

• Crease Lines :

Crease lines present on a person’ wrists, armpits, and elbows would not heal easily if penetrated with sharp needles over and over again. The said areas are subjected to constant pushing and pulling, which compels the concerned motif to either crack or lose colour.

• Inner Ear :

Inner ear tattoos might look exceptionally gorgeous but they cannot retain ink for a prolonged period, and hence, blur. If a person is not keen on paying money for frequent touch-ups, he or she must avoid this location altogether.

• Hands :

A design on hand would fade quite quickly probably because this area comes in contact with different things every day, starting from cell phone to desk, clothes, utensils, water, etc. Direct sun exposure also make fair share of contribution.

• Feet :

All parts of a person’s feet such as ankle, heel, toes, etc. are rubbing against socks and shoes daily. A design etched here would also be quite close to dust, dirt, and harmful bacteria, thus, might get infected.

• Head :

Lack of adipose tissues and presence of abundant nerves make a head tattoo incredibly sore. Also the entire feeling of someone drilling skull is scary. If a person wishes to adorn his or her head, he or she could try out new hairstyles or put on a bandana.

According to top-notch professionals working in top tattoo studios Victoria, carving motifs on any body part stated above would unfortunately pave way for an immensely disagreeable experience. A few best locations include back, thigh, outer collarbone, nape of neck, inner arm, and chest. Add paragraph text here.

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