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Major Styles of Walk In Tattoo Parlours Melbourne

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Among all travel destinations currently gaining popularity, Melbourne is rightly considered best. Besides treasuring culturally important art galleries, ancient museums, breathtaking coastal towns, luscious rainforests, posh restaurants and artisan cheese or wine cafeterias, etc., this particular city also allows people to participate in diverse adventurous activities such as tattooing. If you are planning on undertaking the said procedure out here, let me describe major styles available right away.

  1. Neo-Traditional

Top-notch professionals offering best tattoo Victoria said neo-traditional features vibrant colours pronounced line work, and has an illustrative quality. Diverse elements of nature are lusciously manifested.

  1. Old School

Old school, also known as traditional tattooing style, is specifically noted for portraying iconic motifs such as anchors, roses, phenomenal lady heads, etc. You cannot really make any mistake in this genre.

  1. Japanese

Japanese tattoos have impressed larger segments of population since time immemorial. Initially done with wooden handles, silk thread, metal needles, and a special kind of ink, these are used as totems for protection.

  1. Tribal

Tribal designs are incredibly detailed, hence, an artist takes up lot of time while carving them. These usually exude diverse masculine characteristic traits such as aggression, dominance, strength, bravery, etc.

  1. Black & Grey

Innovated in 1970s, black & grey style was popularised by prisoners, thus, also called jailhouse. It successfully captures different emotions, and with few tweaks can create three or multidimensional effects.

  1. Watercolour

Watercolour tattoos are quite gorgeous but when not taken care of, they fade quickly. If you are thinking of opting for this style, please stay away from sun’s ultraviolet radiation, chlorinated water, rigorous workout sessions, etc.

  1. Mandala

Mandalas look stunning when carved on larger body parts such as back, chest, abdomen, thigh, hips, etc. They bear significance in noted religions, Buddhism, Christianity, and Hinduism, and symbolise perfection, stability, eternity, and wholeness.

  1. Trash Polka

Trash polka style has recently attained much recognition. It usually amalgamates surrealistic, naturalistic, photorealistic motifs with calligraphic, lettering, and graphic elements in black and red colours.

  1. Geometric

Geometric tats are organised. Motifs like elephant, lion, wolf, owl, stars, trees etc. are drawn by combining different shapes like circle, rectangle, triangle, square, oval, etc. Owing to being intricate, a beginner must not invest in this style.

  1. Colour

Coloured tattoos are aesthetically pleasing, and ideal for fairer complexion. Any design would naturally appear amazing when drawn in varying shades like orange, red, blue, purple, yellow, green, pink, etc.

Trusted walk in tattoo parlours Melbourne offer each style stated above for a reasonable cost so that everybody could afford it without any hassle. These also employ highly competent artists, who not only assures optimal outcome within very short period but also maintains hygiene under all circumstances. Besides sterilising equipment before usage, opening shoes, sanitising hands with alcohol gel, etc., each client’s skin is etched only with vegan safe ink, or in other words, ink containing no caustic chemicals whatsoever.

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